DATE: 4 - 7, SEP 2017

The recent economic volatility in Asia has forced many companies to undertake restructuring as a strategic option in order to remain operational. However, with the region presently enjoying renewed optimism, new opportunities are once again presenting themselves. In order to be e?ectively positioned to take advantage of these opportunities, organisations will have to once again undergo change. With this in mind and drawing on extensive experience with restructuring processes, the course has been composed into a comprehensive training program. The course will lead you through the di?erent phases of the restructuring process: situation audit, planning, evaluation and monitoring. The ?nancial techniques and concepts for each of these phases will be explained, discussed and applied through case studies, exercises and computer simulations.
On completion of this course attendees will:

  • Master all ?nancial techniques for planning, evaluating and monitoring restructuring processes
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of portfolio, management and ?nancial restructuring
  • li>Be able to identify, assess and manage the risks associated with restructuring
  • Have a detailed understanding of buy outs, leveraged recapitalisations and debt: equity swaps
  • Be able to assess the debt capacity and potential for re?nancing
  • Know how to apply strategic value analysis (SVA)
  • Understand the signi?cance of cost of capital and peer group analysis in the restructuring process

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