Superior Thinking

An Africa-focused international professional knowledge development firm.

Our approach is strategic and definitive to building professionalism in career and business, thereby redesigning work processes  to foster industrial revolutions.

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Who We Serve

Corporate organisations, firms and many more


Oil & Gas 


What We Do

Exclusive services from Jeff and O'Brien.

Roundtable and conferences

Roundtable and Conferences have become credible platforms for driving home thought leadership industry agendas...


Jeff & O'Brien paramount objective is education and knowledge improvement of the corporate Africa.

Retreats and corporate renewals

Forward-looking businesses periodically take a day or two off, to review the past, question the present and project the future.


Getting the right information for you is the foundation of our services.

Recruitment and executive search

The best pool of candidates are those that are not actively looking for a role and it is estimated to be around 70% of the workforce.

Books and Publications

Books and publication in every career and business profession, to help foster development and professionalism.

Trusted Clients

We are pleased to have many trusted clients.

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